Hello world…….. Sounds apt because this is indeed the world wide web.

For as long as i can remember i have had an insatiable love and lust for words. You see growing up alone, with no siblings and parents that  love reading , I was not left with much of a chance was i?  Unfortunately I was born a talker…a serial talker to be precise. When talking to my dolls got a bit too much as i grew older, i resorted to writing….ooooh, what a lovely relief, sometimes i would even get a little poetic here and there. But after notebook after notebook got filled with sweet nothings, i got the idea to start a blog, then again technophobia hit.A year later i am only now getting the courage to start one.

There’s a saying to the effect that “if you want to hide anything from a black person, hide it in a book”. I am happy to reveal that, this would certainly not work with me because i’m atypical like that you see. Reading comes naturally to me, as does writing although i do not fancy myself much of a writer, but i would love to learn. I have fantasised many a times about having something published;what i have no idea, but i guess just as much as i want to be Beyonce someday and know it can  never happen, this fantasy of mine too shall be shoved to the very bottom of the closet. Meanwhile i can rant and rumble here for as much as i want.

I have not yet devised a solid plan of what it is i will be writing about and let me just add that this is a personal blog. It is not meant to educate or to entertain, but i trust my personal journey will be  of interest enough for one to walk with me and you and i can be the best of www friends forever, #wink#…Let’s dance shall we?