Music, together with books and shoes has been one of my greatest loves. More on the latter 2 later, but music and all kinds of gadgets that we play it through have played a huge role in my life and “I’m forever indebted, I’m forever indebted” (in my best R.Kelly voice in his song “when a woman loves”)

Every Sunday mid-morning without fail, when I’m in the house, either preparing lunch or just going about my Sunday business, I get transported back to the numerous Sundays, in my preteen years, spent in my mother’s kitchen cooking while both of us sang, hummed or whistled to some easy Sunday music. Dolly Parton’s “I will always love you” and Lionel Ritchie’s “Easy like Sunday morning” are engraved on my poor brain.

At some point I was a proud owner of a walkman and I used to have cheap ones that had to be replaced from time to time, but who was complaining? I surely wasn’t. I remember having it tucked in my belt while, I had my ear phones on as I cleaned the house, cooked or even just sat around. Then the world decided to move on to more fancy gadgets, cd’s. And I not wanting to be left behind, tagged steadily along leaving behind a couple of tape (cassette) cases, which I still longingly go through sometimes, drooling at those sounds I can no longer listen to unless I find myself a tape player.


In 1995, my mother went on an overseas trip to the U.K and lo and behold she had bought me a cd walkman. She once again, came through (bless her loving motherly soul) and bought me my very first cd, Karyn White “Make him do right”. I still think it’s still one of the best pieces of music I own. Now I was really moving on with these times. I was that “cool” chick in high school during break or lunch time that walked around with headphones in her ear and the cd player in hand. . From here on then, I had to work on making my own collection and the very first cd I purchased was that of Whitney Houston, “The Bodyguard”, oh what a moment in time. This was acquired using my monthly taxi fare and opting to walk home from school instead, and in a strange turn of events, I began a long and enviable journey of life learning; exercising to good health and the art of saving money.

Years later, technology evolved drastically and we were introduced to the world of downloads, where buying music off the net became hip and brought the physical sale of music through cd’s, records and tapes almost down to its knees. You want to know if I tagged along still or if I gave up??? Of course I tagged along, what do you take me for? A proud owner of a generation 3 iPod I became, in 2008. 80 GB worthy of space need I add. Saying owning this piece of equipment has been phenomenal would be an understatement. The best thing ever since sliced bread; what with the playlist compilations and shuffling one has the option of, especially on those long road trips that my music crazy husband and I love to bits, with the loud sing along songs and competitive singing that come with it.


For now, until a new and better music playing invention comes along, or rather until another new and better music playing invention comes to my attention, myself and my iPod will remain the best of friends. William Shakespeare put it eloquently when he said, “If music be the food of love, play on give me excess of it”