So I set out to write something; put thought to paper and let free this madness in my head, but immediately I am hit by writer’s block, due to the fact that, I am constantly tired and overworked.

Firstly, there seems to be just too many ideas, playing hide and seek in this little head of mine.

Secondly, there does not seem to be enough hours in a day to actually sit and try to disentangle or find one story, just one teeny-weeny story from all the mess above. If I am not at work chasing deadline after deadline, I am at home playing wife and mother (both new roles to me by the way, so I’m still learning to juggle), at the end of which I am utterly exhausted. On an odd hour when I get some time to myself, it’s only enough to do a few yoga stretches and maybe, just maybe page through a few pages of a magazine. A couple of times when I’ve tried to sit and read a book, I got woken up by my husband, book collapsed out of my hand, drool coming out from the side of my mouth and only half a page through my reading, if I am thaaaat lucky.

Thirdly, on the way side I have my little-soon-to-be-big-business, which I’m always strategizing for. If it is not to compile an order, I am re-writing the business plan, reconciling the debt list or working on a new more exhaustive marketing strategy. You see I have always been a business person of note #wink#. I have always had dreams of being in business, calling the shots and doing things by my own rule book, but somewhere along the way I faltered, I got scared, lost confidence and almost lost grip of the dream, but over the past few years, I have had to refocus and finally I seem to be on track….the right track. I am keeping the faith.


Aaanyway,  there’s still the gym to get back to one of these fine spring days, some girl outings to go to, downtimes  with hubby, visits to the folks, church, weddings, funerals, …..the list is endless.  Are there not enough hours in a day or am I spreading myself too thin?

I need to relax. To just sit, unwind and have some creative juices flowing. Oh, how I wish for a day when I would have mastered the art of juggling, or even doing away with certain things that may not be of “necessity”, just so I can get enough “me” time.


Or maybe I just need to get my hands on that dreadful red and blue Superman suit and all my problems will be sorted. Now that sounds like a plan!