So they say, denim jeans are a staple and just like the little black dress (LBD), they are here to stay. Whether the style is skinny, boot cut, boyfriend, stretchy or flared, denim seems to be here to stay in whatever cut or style, even color.

I have in my closet a variety of denim pieces; skirts, summer dresses, shorts, hot pants and the ever iconic, jeans and I love them all to bits. What I have realized is that some people own jeans as many as 10 pairs or even ridiculously more and it made me realize and accept that, maybe I am not as much a denim jean girl as I thought I was.

At some point in my life, when I was at University to be precise, I owned up to 6 or maybe 7 pairs of jeans, amongst which only 2 were in the classic blue shade, while the rest were of different colors’, black, white, and even grey. I think there was an olive green one there somewhere too. Looking through my closet for the past few years up until now, I realize I have been proud owner of only 2 denim jeans at a time, maybe 3 at most and I wonder how and when I would wear 20 jeans if I owned them. When would I get time to wear my summer dresses in their wide variety of colors, length and cuts? And what about my my other fabulous and sometimes downright weird outfits I tend to be inclined to wearing? I love the ease and countless ways in which jeans can be worn, but more so the way they just hug and accentuate my lovely round African derrière, and the more snug the better.

I am more than happy with my only two pairs of skinny and straight leg jeans, although I am currently salivating for that turquoise pair of skinnies I recently saw in Elle magazine, yuuuummmy and yes one day if I remember to buy, I’d like to get my hands on those flared 60’s type jeans, which I can then rock with my chunky heels and the massive dream afro I will be spotting then.

How many pairs of denim jeans are you proud owner of?