I just loved the article above. Lebohang could not have put it any better. Celebrities are human and just like us “mere mortals” they make mistakes. It’s just  a pity their dirty laundry is aired out for us world to chip in, thinking and actually believing we have to have an opinion,the final word on what they do. To be chastised and condoned as harshly as Chris Brown has, is just heart wrenching. Rihanna too for being called names for wanting to give Chris a second a chance, for loving the guy.
Yes what Chris did was terribly wrong and he has kicked himself in the rear many a times for it i’m sure. Rihanna was very strong and courageous too for quitting on the relationship when she did, but she should not be made to feel bad for wanting to give herself and Chris a second chance.  If she did that, then she would not be following her heart but merely  impressing the world at her own expense. What about her needs and wants as an individual first?
Parents that blame her for setting a bad example for their kids should be their own kid’s role models and stop blaming the world AKA celebrities for their children’s wrong doing.
I pray for both of them to enjoy a healthy and fruitful relationship, but if they should ever break up again in future, it should not be because of the calamity that brought them apart in the first place. But that if the unthinkable happens, we don’t go around blaming Rihanna for “getting herself into what she knew already”.
We all err in life,  no one is below or above a second chance, we just need someone other than ourselves to believe in us and trust in us for a second chance.
Funny I don’t even like Rihanna’s singing voice, but you have got to give it to her catchy songs!