How this love started I cannot remember. All i know is that, for the longest time, I have loved shoes and I have always owned more than enough pairs; whatever enough is.

How and when it blossomed however, I think i can relate; The day I had the light bulb moment, when i realised that , unlike clothes, where one can go from a size 8 in a matter of months to a size 16, shoes are much more reliable and trustworthy. For the most part, for most people, whether you gain or lose weight, shoes never disappoint. They always fit regardless of the see-saw weight.

 I went through a series of weight loss” seasons” in the past decade and I would struggle to find well-fitting clothes in my closet, as some had gotten too big, but I cannot say the same for shoes. Having lost weight or not, I realized they were the reliable, trustworthy friend I could count on. During pregnancy I was fore-warned that because of the bulging feet, I may not go back to my original shoe size, fortunately; I still am a proud size 5.

There’s nothing like the feel of a good pair of shoes on one’s foot. Be it ballerina flats, kitten heels or sky high heels; the secret is in the quality……. not the brand name, but quality. I normally pick a shoe based on its looks, and secondly by the feel of it in my hands. Of course the ultimate determining factor is the feel on my foot. It goes without saying that quality is of utmost importance in selecting a pair.


I have always been drawn to simple, elegant and classic shoes and don’t fare well in following fashion trends. A year or two ago however, I saw a chain store pamphlet with some of their flat shoes nicely spread out on the cover, in a variety of colors and I was in lust. A few days later I walked into the store, picked up the shoes and found myself confused between the yellow, tangerine and turquoise colors, but eventually I settled for the tangerine pair. Needless to say a few days later, I was regretting my purchase and despising the shoes. They were super flat, hard, uncomfortable, lacking in style but most importantly, they were not my style of shoe at all. Then why did I buy them?

 For one of those rare times in my life, I fell victim to fashion or rather the power of marketing. I made an impulsive and very cheap buy (by all means, do not excuse the pun) and lived to regret it. But if you had seen the display and how good they looked at the time, anyone would have fallen victim. But I learnt a very good lesson that day. Let marketing people do their marketing, but remain true to your taste and style….in short don’t fall for marketing gimmicks.

 They say a dog, is man’s best friend? I say shoes are woman’s best friend!

Where does your love of shoes emanate from and when did you become consciously aware of it?