On my earlier post, I stuck to my side of the story and relayed a little, about how I came to really appreciate shoes. Needless to say that, shoes, seems to be most women’s guilty pleasures. Men love and pride themselves on their car rims and beer, whisky, or whatever preference of poison one has…we women just love shoes, period, okay handbags too!

I am vertically challenged at about 1.53Metres tall. And despite being content with my height, I find that shoes give me a certain lift, which in turn lifts my mood and level of confidence. Luckily I am not a sky-high-heel only girl. I wear anything from ballerina flats, kitten heels, wedges, chunky heels and of course stilettos. But I keep my purchases practical. There is nothing as bad as a woman walking in high heels and the shoes seem to be wearing her, rather than she wearing them; women that look like they are about to topple over. If I buy sky high heels (which is super rare), I make sure that I specifically wear them at certain functions, where there will not be any need to walk for long distances; The get out of the car and sit type of functions, where I will just be waltzing around in them, in between lots of sitting down.

 I find that wedges are good most of the time, but they have to be just the appropriate style for the particular do. There are some that look good at the beach, which wouldn’t cut it at the office, then those that look super glam enough for the office. Whatever the case, I love them for the fact that they give one the much needed elevation, combined with the comfort of wearing flat shoes.

I have a couple of flats, ballerina flats if you may, which are good for wearing around the house, or when doing a lot of walking at the malls for example, but I find that, when I’m wearing this type of shoe, I throw myself around, without even a touch of elegance in my step. So normally if I am going to wear them while out and about in town, I give myself a little pep talk, some mantra….” you may be wearing flats, but shoulders up, chin up and glide through like a lady”…… and it works, until and unless I forget this mantra and end up slouching, at which point I have to re-focus and re-work my steps.

Point is, I am a girlie girl…… when it comes to shoes. But not any shoe will do, it has to be beautiful, super comfortable, regardless of height and of good quality. Coco Chanel said it best when she said, a girl should be two (2) things….Classy and Fabulous.

Are shoes your guilty pleasure too? Why do you love them?