So we have established that women love shoes. We would rather go to bed hungry, than to miss out on just that one pair of shoes. Okay maybe not to such extremes but you get the point I am making.

I am often left wondering; if I as a mere working woman, employed and on someone’s payroll have pairs of shoes in their tens. For those with bottomless pockets and wallets; your Beyonce , Nicky Minaj, Princess Diana (may her beautiful soul rest in peace), what are the numbers?

Mariah Carey's shoe closet

I find that a particular season may pass by without wearing a particular shoe and I wonder how these people with shoes in their hundreds or even thousands, do it. Do they even know all their shoes?
Imelda Marcos, the former first lady and politician of the Philippines is by far the only “celebrity” whose number of shoes I have come to know of. I sincerely had no knowledge of her until about two (2) months ago, when news about her “old” shoe collection, being destroyed by termites and floods made rounds.

Below is an excerpt on Imelda from Wikipedia;
“Imelda’s extravagant lifestyle reportedly included five-million-dollar shopping tours in New York, Rome and Copenhagen in 1983, and sending a plane to pick up Australian white sand for a new beach resort. She purchased a number of properties in Manhattan in the 1980s, including the $51-million Crown Building, the Woolworth Building (40 Wall Street) and the $60-million Herald Centre; she declined to purchase the Empire State Building for $750m as she considered it “too ostentatious.” Her New York real estate was later seized and sold, along with much of her jewels and most of her 175 piece art collection, which included works by Michelangelo, Botticelli, and Canaletto. She responded to criticisms of her extravagance by claiming that it was her “duty” to be “some kind of light, a star to give [the poor] guidelines.”

For the purpose of this subject (Ahem, this subject #wink#), my interest in the former first lady however, is primarily on her ownership of reportedly 5,400 pairs of shoes, 2,700 of which was left behind in the palace, in the 80’s, when she and her husband fled the country to seek asylum in Mexico, With the 2,700 ultimately getting destroyed.


Ms Marcos's shoe collection

Imelda Marcos Shoe Museum

Imelda Marcos Shoe Museum


Yes! Luxury shoes totaling 5,400 pairs. First lady, princess or whatever title one may hold. What on earth does one do with that number of shoes? An obscene number, but more so given that the Philippines was apparently going through abject poverty at the time. With 5400 pairs, that means she had 450 pairs to choose from in a month, and 15 pairs to choose from on any given day. I wonder how she grouped them; by color, style, brand, shape, quality? Whatever the case, my point has been proven, that; women will indeed go to any lengths to have their beloved…even if it means killing their fellow countrymen!

How many pairs do you own? Do you at least get to wear them all in a year?