My best friend from Primary school, Portia had family in South Africa. So come the school holidays, she would travel afar, very far away to her grandfather’s home. When school resumed, she would come back with all sorts of interesting stories and fancy little gadgets to play with, lots of pop cassettes and of course, clothes for little Kylie Minogue wannabee’s to prance around in, all day. She was my heroine and I was in awe of this place she frequented during the holidays, which in a roundabout way, gave me so much goodness.

She knew so much, and had so much, and although my little mind could not phrase it as such at the time, I used to think the sun shone out of her little behind. Nothing could get between me and my friend. During weekends, my mother used to drive me from the East part of town to the West, so my friend and I could go swimming at a local top hotel. At arrival at the pool, like small giggly girls we were, we would show off to each other, our new heart printed or Mickey Mouse panties. We just loved hearts and everything that had a heart motif on it.

She used to call me Radio Metro. Without asking what the name meant or where it came from, I went with it and embraced it as an endearment term from a loving friend. Years later when we had grown older and apart, she living in a different country, I discovered that Radio Metro was a popular radio station she used to listen to during her many holiday visits to the grand folks….their slogan? Where the music never stops! The far, far away place where she frequented? Johannesburg, South Africa. Just about 400km away from my hometown, hahaha Not so far now that I’m older.

It was then I realized that I had always been a serial talker, and my friend had long made this discovery. We met on a social network a few years back and although we don’t talk much, we occasionally, play catch up and exchange a few stories about our lives.

All grown now and mother to 2 beautiful kids, I wonder if she would be keen in showing me her panties now! Hmmmmmm