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From Pinterest

Not long ago e-book sales trumped those of paperbacks, I hear. Well, I cannot say I didn’t see that one coming, but I’m still shocked nonetheless. The world seems to be moving at an incredibly fast pace. From the stone age to the agricultural age, to the industrial age and now the technological era. Much has been achieved that would leave the Flintstones gasping for air and in desperate need of a time machine that would suck them back into the stone age.

On the surface I am as calm and graceful as a duck, but beneath the waters, I am paddling like crazy. It is just one of those facts that, like it or not, you have to keep abreast at some level and it scares the bejesus out of me.

Just the other year I bought an ipod, a generation 3 ipod (go figure) and boy did that thing terrify me? Uploading music onto it required just too much and all I wanted, all I asked for was for my music to be, neatly packaged into one teeny tiny package, for me to carry everywhere at any time. But for the convenience, I didn’t give up hope and I was happy when many hours later, hundreds of my cd’s were nicely stacked in this neat and tiny package. Days of lugging 10, 20 cd’s were a thing of the past. I pray to this day that it doesn’t one day pack up and leave me stranded with loads of cd’s to lug around.

A bookstore in Bueno Aires.Photo by Josephina A bookstore in Bueno Aires.Photo by Josephina[/caption

When it comes to books however, my heart is not so torn between e-books and paperback. Yes e-books are convenient and easy to carry around, but I’m still not convinced that, that alone is reason for me to totally ignore bookstores and the feel of the book in my hand. I have too beautiful memories of my childhood, sitting besides my mother at the Doctor’s surgery, each one us quietly paging through her book and exchanging short conversations, consisting mostly of staccato like responses, as we individually got wrapped up and lost in the written word.

Anyway….Last year I attended a business forum which was organized by one of my favourite magazines and as part of the goodie bag package, the attendees were offered a magazine subscription for a year and I had to choose between physical copies and the digital magazine, I was badly torn between the two, but since I wasn’t paying, I opted for the latter, just to get a feel for this technology. It has its advantages, like getting lost in an article or two during office hours on one of those days where I’m feeling silly and lazy, and meantime my boss thinks I’m being diligent and doing what I get paid for, hahahaha.

Secondly, despite the fact that I have all three copies of the fifty shades series in e-book format, for the benefit he is likely to derive, my dear husband, decided to buy me all three again, in paperback. And I must say that as far as this particular set of books is concerned, I would much rather read them in digital format, than in paperback for fear of “judgmental” glances whenever I may be reading them in public spaces.

So e-books are convenient; easy to read, easy to carry in numbers, easy and quick to get the latest editions, easy to carry multiple reading material and discreet. But the feel of a bookstore still gives me goosebumps. The smells of the bookstore, the sometimes messy bookshelves, sometimes so neat you don’t want disturb the display, the idea of literally paging through books, the smell of the books themselves.

But for the silliness of me hiding in a bookstore whenever my husband and I lose each other at malls, paperbacks are undeniably my poison of choice still.