I woke up this morning to a cheery, gummy, handsome little man this side of the planet.Added to that beauty was weather so yummy, I could touch and eat it. A little overcast and showers so soft they felt like God whispering to me. I could not have asked for a better way to kick off a Sunday.

“There’s a lot that needs to be done today; cooking, resting, reading, playing with baby, quality time with hubby, checking on my mother and preparing for the arrival from hospital of the cute bundle of joy later in the day (my son’s littlest cousin)”, I thought. First I will start preparations on my own family’s lunch, and then see how the day flows. “And for lunch I think I will put together some chicken stew, roasted vegetables and boiled brown rice, while hubbylicious puts breakfast together…hopefully”.

Voila!………30 minutes later!

So much for my planned balanced lunch meal. The picture above is my version of the stewed chicken, grilled veg’s and rice, hahahaha…..obviously NOT. This kind of weather tends to play havoc with me. Upon reaching my little kitchen, I got a sudden urge to whip something sweet for my beloved happy eater. And what better to do, than my all-time favorite Pineapple upside down cake?

The glitches however, were many.I had no pineapple pieces, instead I had crushed pineapple, and also, no cherries to brighten up my creation. But I was so determined, I opted to make little lumps of pineapple with my crushed ones and in between them, put sultanas, to add a bit of color. “The cherry on top”, i seem to have forgoten to drizzle some pineapple juice along with the butter and sugar at the bottom of the baking dish and as a result, my creation kind of stuck to the bottom.

oh well, i’ll just drizzle the rest of this juice onto the steaming finished off my masterpiece,messy as it is. the result? An unkempt, but Soft, fluffy, pine-appley and very tasty pineapple upside down cake. With cake this tasty and fluffy, who needs it to look pretty?

A good cup of raspberry flavored tea will now be a perfect accompaniment to this sweet treat of mine.

A pineapple, upsidedown morning to everyone, cheers!