2012 had a few goodies in store for me. Giving birth to a beautiful bouncy baby boy was amongst them.

Being part owner of a boutique was not just God sent but a miracle in itself. I have alluded to my love for shoes in previous posts. All these years I have been selling these from the boot of the car and in 2012 I got the courage to dive head in, into this venture. They say luck is when opportunity meets up with preparation. Now I fully understand what that means.

After years and years of preparation, strategizing and dreaming, an opportunity came out of the blue for me to open shop. One day at knock off time, I was walking out of my office building to meet my husband, when a colleague’s husband, an acquaintance of mine from way back, asked just out of the blue, “do you still sell imported shoes”?

Me; Yes and no. I still sell shoes, locally sourced shoes, but I am only now working on importing again, the problem is that it is difficult securing decent premises to trade from, so it’s difficult to place an order and then just sit with the stock

Acquaintance; “great, then you are just what I need, because a couple of fashion designers and I are in the process of opening a shop specializing in locally designed goods and we need someone that sells shoes, someone with their own brand.”

Me; (not thinking much of it), ok will think about it. This was sometime in August

I proceeded on to meet with my husband and we headed home, without breathing a word of the “crazy” concept pitched to me earlier. In fact I think I’d forgotten about it already. A few days later, I remembered it, ran it by hubby and as we were talking about it, the more real it became. All of a sudden, it wasn’t just a crazy idea anymore, but it was beginning to take a life of its own.

We set a meeting with the acquaintance, very fruitful indeed. And a few weeks later, I was in the International banking section of the bank doing my transactions. International what? Yes that, hahahaha, we received our stock, the shop opened on 12-12-‘12 (I hope and pray that’s a good omen), sales are promising, reviews on the styles and quality are out of this world and yes the shoes are beautiful, a dream realized. People should just buy the merchandise in numbers now and stop with the endless oohing and aahing.


It’s still a long way to go before we can break even. There is a lot of marketing to do for the business to grow and be in people’s consciousness. The life of a business is very unpredictable, but I am very grateful for the courage “we” took to get into this in the first place. Very grateful for my partner in crime, my husband, for all the love and support, especially sacrificing his household’s hard saved money to invest in girls play things.