Saturday 13 April 2013 marked my son’s FIRST birthday. His very first birthday, of hundreds more to come. Granted he is the epitome of a happy child and definitely a morning person,unlike mommy dearest.He woke up with the biggest smile and the most infectious two-toothed grin and giggle,as if he understood that it was indeed a special day, for him,his daddy and I.

True to my pedantic and obsessive DIY self, I opted to make him his very own birthday cake instead of picking one off the shelf or placing an order at the local bakery. And I must say, weeks of practicing the fondant paid off really well, although decorating skills are still lagging behind.

For the cake, I opted to make the Lemon sponge cake:
250g Unsalted butter
250g Golden caster sugar
4 Beaten eggs
250g Self raising flour
finely grated rind of 1 lemon
3 tbsp milk,……..Except I doubled all the quantities

For the butter icing:
140g Unsalted butter
200g Icing sugar
2tbsp lemon liqueur

And for the cake filling,some lemon curd. Not forgetting some highly improvised royal icing for the edges.

Did i say yummy????
The boy should thank me on the “unique” birthday cake aaaaand hours and tons of love put into the creation.

And with only the birthday boy and a handful of his cousins to celebrate the birthday,it was a happy day indeed. Happy birthday muntjus, mommy and daddy love you.