With the immense pressure i am under and the lethargy that has enveloped the whole of me.I would not mind waking up a multi millionaire or a Princess, maybe an Arabian Princess even, with all their beauty, sexyness and opulence. Being waited on, hand and foot, from sunrise to sunset.

I imagine sleeping in a massive poster bed, silk sheets and all, the weather pleasantly warm. Getting woken up by my lady in waiting, with a warm towel to cleanse my face, a cup of warm water to swish on.
Princess & the Pea

At a distance being greeted by a warm glass of lemon water and a steamy cup of coffee, not forgetting the exotic basket/platter of fresh fruit waiting for me to indulge in.

This can happily be followed by paging through the paper for the day, wheere after i would walk to have a slow splendid bath. The deed carried out of course by my four (4) assistants, ala Eddie Murphy in Coming to America, “your royal penis is clean your highness”, except of course i don’t have a penis.

Maybe just maybe i could visit the palace’s in-house spa, where my job for the day would be to oooh and aaah as the masseuse kneaded into my aching body ever so pleasantly from head to toe, while i contemplate whether to fly off to Monaco for the grand prix, visit Paris for some out of this world shopping or maybe pop into Dubai for an exotic dessert experience.

Dreams, dreams, oh dreams. A girl is allowed to dream ain’t she?