I remember when i was younger,in my teens, growing up with cousins, boys,who used to spend days in and out watching movies the likes of Bloodsport, Rambo and Universal soldier . I loved the adrenalin rush i used to get from the artistic display of martial arts;skill,finesse and agility  by the actors, Sylvester Stallone, Jean Claude Van Damme, Jet li and others, that would live the villain slumped or dead even. So much that i grew up convinced that i loved action movies. Yes i loved martial arts and the artistic display of it but not when there’s blood and guts to go with it.

Fast forward to a few years down the line, watching the same movie would conjure up in me feelings of disgust and fear, but mostly nausea at the sight of blood, injuries or even death that would be a result of such intense, sometimes senseless killings. One such movie which i have seen numerous times but for only the first 10 minutes or so is Kill Bill, 1 or 2 i cannot remember. The one where Uma Thurman (clad in a canary yellow jumpsuit) enters the house of Vivica A. Fox I believe, and they end up in a fight that I think is the most graphic and bloody I have seen, worse in front of a young girl. Yes it was just a movie, but the violence in it still leaves me shellshocked. I cannot forget the gruesomeness of it all.

So does watching violence in movies lead to real life violence? Before I answer that, first I want to pose a question. Does Nicky Minaj have a cult like following, of fans, young kids that would do anything just to look like her? Yes. There are young, vulnerable and impressionable people, especially kids that will do anything and everything to be recognised and be the “it” kid at school and among their friends. Heck,there are adults too that will go under the knife and self-mutilate just so they can look like Hollywoods stars, women and men who walk around with perpetual grins and surprised looks plastered on their faces.

So once again,does watching violence in movies lead to real life violence? There may be people with deep seated problems, schizophrenics seeking attention, and in need of more than a session or two at the psychiatrist’s couch, but i do believe violence in our lives, in our environments, in our houses, on our televisions, on computers, to some extent influences and drives up the violence we witness everyday around us.

There is a murderer inside everyone of us, some just need a little bit more nudging and “convincing” than others.