For every good there is a bad. For every day there is a night. And on the list goes about the yin and yang of life. The interchange and interplay of opposite forces in our lives. Opposite but not mutualy exclusive of each other, in fact one’s existence relies on the other other, yet their balance is very imperative. Such is life.

With globalisation came the inpour of information, ideas, products,views, products,culture and so much more.Some good, some bad. Such is life. We need change and growth to move forward in life, but for change to happen we need to open up ourselves, our minds, and welcome new ways of doing things.

I live in Lesotho, a very peaceful and semi-cultural country, and because of its geographical situation, enveloped by South Africa and all its deeds, good and bad. South Africa has for many years, decades now, been synonymous with violent crime, car hijackings, house robberies,gangsterism and generally just out of the blue unnecessary and senseless killings. Many of which people attribute to the injustices of the past,apartheid. Where non caucasian residents were treated as the inferior specie and deprived of basic necessities, like proper education, right to good public health,decent housing and proper sanitation. As a result, some, if not majority(black, coloured and Indian) had to find means to survive, to feed their families and make a living, thereby resorting to crime.

Apartheid has long been abolished, some correctives measures have been taken to try and somehow bridge the gap and extend a hand to the “previously disadvantaged”, like building houses and removing them from their shack/tin dwellings. With that came a relatively new kind of violence in South Africa. That of protests for service delivery. And for a few years now, I have been hearing and seeing less of news bulletins regarding car hijackings, knife wielding thieves in people’s homes, but more on police brutality agains the very same public they are supposd to protect.

As if this was not enough, of late on a daily basis, we hear stories of children disappearing or dying, only to later have their deaths connected to some satanistic ritual or other carried on by the friends/schoolmates. With the first incident, I thought, “argh, these are just isolated cases of the sick of society”, with the second, third and fourth, I kept flinching in desbelief and fear, but still hoping, that these would just blow over and disappear.But this is not the case.Everyday on South African television there is a news bulletin about some satanistic ritualistic killing or other.

But what got me typing away as I am now, was the interview in one bulletin last night. That of a satanistic priest who was on air condemning apparent satanistic ritual killings, because “they as sanatists do have certain things or rituals they subscribe to, but killing people and drinking their blood is not one of them”.

My head is still reeling, from the audacity of the leader of the religion to make a public appearance on national television. I didn’t hear much of his speech, but what was clear was his condemnation of the drinking of people’s blood but nothing about the killing in general. So if I was to assume and believe that they (satanists) do indeed kill fellow human beings as part of their rituals, where is the justice in that?

The first sentence of the preamble to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), reads, “Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world”

Everyone has freedom of speech, freedom of choice regarding which religion to follow, the right to live et al.But what about the members of society whom in their freedom of religion, infringe on others rights/freedoms to life, by ritually hacking away at them? Do they still have such freedoms and rights, yet they have just deprived others their own? I am not sure what the bulky UDHR says but my common sense says, “if you deprive the other of their basic rights and freedoms, your freedom and rights automatically fall away, naturally!”.

We are born different, black, white, blue, Jews,Christian,Buddhist, tall or short. But we are of one universe,and should be tolerant of one another, of each other’s cultures, beliefs and practices, but I draw the line, where my right to live and be, are infringed upon by someone, in a selfish pursuit of their own rights and beliefs.