Spring officially sprang on us in the Southern Hemisphere about 12 days ago.Needless to say, it was not a warm and beautiful day as one had imagined and anticipated.

It was cold and very breezy few days, with reports of snow falling in the mountains. Effects of global warming some would say…..

Spring as with most days that bring the promise of new life,positivity,change and an injection of vava-voom into people’s lives ,always sees people making resolutions. Well, I am not a resolutions kind of girl.I do things pronto (well after some serious negotiations with Ms. Prissy Procrastination) but I was eagerly anticipating the arrival of sunny and warm days like everybody else, but most importantly the courage to finally leave the warmth of my blankets, and hit the gym to loosen some stiffness in these old ruggedy bones of mine.

A lot of drama ensued in the days following my “resolve” to go to the gym, which saw me postponing until eventually this past Monday, 09 September, I walked into the gym, cycled,rowed and pilates-d my way into a lighter, smilier and less lethargic me.

It’s only been a few days of good old working out, and the sore muscles are beginning to make themselves heard, but nothing greater than the feeling of sore muscles to remind me that I am leasing myself a few more, healthier, beautiful and vibrant days in this earth. Did I mention sexier? Yes, that too!

Here’s to beautiful, happy workouts.