1. An only child

2. Talkative and fast talking.

3.Love, love, love music……… Food to the soul.

4.Love hot beverages. In a hot or cold day; 1 or 2 good cups of coffee ,about 3 cups of rooibos tea (different flavours)  and 2- 3 litres of water (warm).
Where there's tea there's hope

5. A pedantic DIY lady; knitting, sewing, cooking, baking, fixing and moving things around the house, phew……http://www.marthastewart.com fuels my DIY passion.

6.I love to read. Magazines, Books (Espionage, Drama, Auto-biographies)

7. Love cooking and baking. Always eager to try a new recipe of something sweet or savoury.

8. Don’t like fat. My mother tells me, I have hated it since i was a toddler. I trim off fatty chicken skin, bacon fat etc before i can indulge.

9. Hand me a bowl of popcorn and i’ll forever love you.

10.Very strong willed.

11. I have a sweet tooth which sometimes has its way with 10. above and i find myself gobbling down an entire packet of marshmallows, liquorice sweets or oreo biscuits.

12.I’m not particularly crazy about chocolates or diamonds. And they are called women’s best friend?

13.I appreciate good clothes, but i’m not crazy about shopping for them, as a matter of fact i hate it. I am polishing  the art of going into a store to get what i want/need and be out; without even heading to the fitting room most times.

14. But I love shoes, handbags and perfumes. The bigger the variety of these in my collection the happier i am.

15. I’m told i wear my heart on my sleeve. But yes, I’m not very good at pretending; I tell it like it is….but i have mastered the art of being like a doctor and lawyer. I only give my opinion/advice when asked for it.

16.I make friends easily because of my easy going personality and talkativeness, but i am not good at maintaining them, especially where people expect a “routine” exchange of phone calls and visits.

17. Food and I are best friends…….Good food.

18. I am immensely enjoying being a wife and mother.

19. I love travelling and discovering new places, especially road trips with my husband, with lots of music, picture taking, silliness and laughter along the way.

20. I love organising; From planning a weekly dinner menu at home, organising my son’s toys in an orderly fashion, to organising a big function from start to finish, as i did for my wedding.

21.I love my Sunday routine undisturbed…Church, Breakfast, Preparing lunch (or eating out), Sunday naps, with lots of reading in between.I would prefer to not see anyone except God, my hubby and Son on a Sunday….sorry mum!

22. My middle name is Mosa and i love it to bits. In English it  means, Generosity. I do live up to my name because i am always giving, without expecting anything in return, except a “Thank you”.

23. I am a Cancerian and true to type;

*Loving …..indeed

*susceptible…yes and no


* sensual…huh?

* faithful….like a dog to its master

* instinctive….I have in recent years learnt to trust my instincts

*charitable…..guilty as charged. I love helping others, esp those that want to help themselves

* over-reactive…I used to be, but i learnt to” woosah”, take a deep breath and keep cool until i can calmly react)

*moody…the closest to me however are the ones that normally get the back end of my moodiness, as i am usually grumpy in the morning, before 8, but no when else.

24.Without sounding narcissistic; I love myself. My 1.53m height, my big African bum, my big forehead, my size 32 frame, size 5 feet which i’m told are unproportionally bigger than my frame, my big heart, the dreamer i am….I just love me.

25. A creative at heart, always attempting to make things myself; greeting cards, decor pieces, knitting scarves etc

26. Growing up an only child, i was prone to depression in my teenage years but i fought it tooth and nail through working out, reading and writing and generally just embracing life for all that it has to offer.

27. A Jill of all trades; master of none,

28.. I am neither a hair nor make up person. I am trying to take time out and learn these crafts, but it’s very slow a process.

29. A very free and adventurous spirit. I seldom eat the same food item off a menu.

30.Not a drinker, but neither a teetotaller. I am on a natural high, no need to have alcohol as a fire starter.

31. Very protective of my spirituality and therefore don’t need anything or anyone that challenges me on my conviction in God. The Da Vinci Code…i do not want to see.

32. 2 or 3 notebooks always accompany my handbag in case a light bulb moment flickers by.

33. I am happy getting lost in a stationery shop,bookstore or delicatessen; soaking up the displays and smells,ANYTIME….

34. A collector…….name it, I collect it.Stamps, books, music,shoes, perfumes,scarves,watches,jewellery,mugs,……..